About Zenneo Design


We are here to make sure your design needs are met. No fluff and fancy promises, we just deliver. Our aim is to be fast, efficient and produce the best quality for your business. We always go above and beyond our customers’ expectations because we treat your business as our own.
Our passionate team work endlessly to help your business harness the power of the web. From social media to WordPress training we ensure you are given to skills to continue long after we leave the picture. We are never too busy for a chat and we provide as much advise and recommendations as you can handle.

We Pursue Excellence

At Zenneo we bring together our experience, energy and new age designs to provide our customers with creative and innovative solutions. Our highly skilled design professionals are committed to helping your business achieve its goals. We have a number of custom design solutions including website design, business branding and promotion including logo and banner designs as well as social media optimisation. CLICK HERE to contact ZENNEO for a free quote or more information.

Behind the ‘Zenneo’ name

There is more to our name then simply a concoction of cool words. We worked hard to create something different and in-line with our values and vision. Our name is a symbol of our vision for each and every one of our customers. We seek to create Zen & Neo for all our work and this is what helped bring about the name selection.
ZEN – Refers to personal expression, simplicity and naturalness.
NEO – Refers to something new, modified, revived, different or a modern form.